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Illuminate are a lighting plan consultancy working with planners, inside fashioners, scene modelers and end customers on an extensive variety of business and private undertakings.

An effective lighting plan ought to be a consistent, complimentary layer to an inside or outside; the client of the space ought to be willfully ignorant of its vicinity, but then have the capacity to completely value the space in all its acknowledged grandness.

Each surface of a room can have its own part to play in a bigger story; it is the means by which we control and change each of these components that influences the result of the novel. At Illuminate, lighting outline is considered in layers, and it is by the keen gathering of lights into these layers that permits the control of a space to suit the wanted errand or feeling.

Surface, Shadow, Highlight, Glow, Accent, Punch are all terms we use all the time to clarify our lighting outline concepts.Without the dramatic play of light, truth be told, without dimness, shade and shadow it is difficult to see the light.

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