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Hello everyone, Interiordhk will rebrand as Studio Triangle. We have been added some services as client and market demand. We changed our business strategy and all services. Our new Services: -Architectural Design -Architectural Consultancy -Plan Drawing -Interior Design -Graphics Design -Landscape

Nowadays, we the human being leads to a super-fast modern life. And the demand of this modern life is something special or to do some exceptional. Any kinds of creative work including interior design or home decor must start with an idea that is exception. It seems that the idea or the concept is th

InteriorDHK is a global design practice strategically-positioned for the new era of design,, advancement and brand cooperation embracing an interdisciplinary outline approach that mixes plan development, culture and marking to make uplifting Architecture and point of interest undertakings that chara

Interior Design -InteriorDHK plans and outfits homes across the nation. THE PROCESS -Starting CALL OR MEETING PLANNING & BUDGET -We make a floorplan fusing your present furniture and the new pieces that you’ll need, and we display a financial plan for your endorsement, taking into account

Illuminate are a lighting plan consultancy working with planners, inside fashioners, scene modelers and end customers on an extensive variety of business and private undertakings. An effective lighting plan ought to be a consistent, complimentary layer to an inside or outside; the client of the spac

Beauty sits solidly entirely subjective. Beauty is everywhere,in everything, when we have the eyes to see. At the Interior DHK graphic studio we shape what there is to be seen by “fantastic” things, as well as by giving careful consideration to frame and capacity as well. Beauty and reas